Util version 2.2.3 available


Util is a free Java library.

It is composed of many useful packages to simplify Java applications development.

[util main image]

Here is an excerpt of util capabilities:

  • Files reading and parsing, copy, replace, remove, size, path validation, etc.
  • String-related operations, such as pattern replacement, merge, etc. This class makes use of regular expressions matching
  • Source code (Java, C++, JSP, etc.) smart (colored) transformation to HTML
  • Generic source code parser to create compilers
  • XML DOM wrapper to easily create and parse XML trees (with children filtering on name and/or attributes)
  • RSS 2.0 streams creation and parsing
  • HTTP forms automatic validation using formal constraints descriptions (defined in XML)
  • HTTP files uploads with file-related constraints (file name regular expression matching, maximum file size, etc.)
  • VCF visiting cards generation
  • Base 64 and PEM codecs
  • Images resizer and converter

... and so many more!


Util requires Java 1.5 or newer