2007-06-17, util 2.2.3

  • FileDownloader bug when file exists: fixed
  • Encodable interface: encode(OutputStream) operation added
  • RSSFeed: Encodable interface new operation implemented

2007-06-16, util 2.2.2

  • SourceCode2Html colorization not taken into account: fixed
  • SourceCode2Html HTML generated files lines numbers unaligned: fixed
  • New util.parsers.partial package for reserved (internal) parsers
  • util.app.html.HtmlWeights and util.app.html.HtmlDecorations classes added
  • util.app.html.HtmlPresentation changes to deal with new util.app.html classes
  • MultipleDataParser subparser change and end of block comments parsing errors fixed
  • FileDownloader: wrong downloaded files encoding and content types fixed
  • New DataDownloader class to handle streams downloads. FileDownloader now inherits from DataDownloader
  • HtmlFormat 'formatToHtml' and 'formatAllToHTML' changed so that '>>' is replaced with '»' in 'formatAllToHTML' operation only

2007-06-13, util 2.2.1

  • util.app.html Cpp2Html and Xml2Html translaters added
  • util.app.html.SourceCode2Html colors and styles NullPointerException bug fixed
  • SourceCode2Html new operations added to handle arguments which derive from Writer (such as PrintWriter and JspWriter)
  • FormParams temporay files wrong location (and name) bug fixed
  • JSP form examples last form submission crash fixed

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